Member Benefits

TNRMT was created in 1987 under the auspices of the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act for the purpose of protecting assets of public schools because there was no viable commercial insurance market in Tennessee for public schools.  TNRMT now provides liability, workers compensation and/or property coverages to more than 200 Tennessee governmental entities and schools.

TNRMT provides coverages in accordance with the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act which recognizes the advantages of pooling by allowing the purchase of insurance coverages from TNRMT without bidding (TCA 29-20-407). TNRMT lobbies to maintain reasonable tort limits, as well as monitoring other legislative activities to ensure proper coverage is available and in place for members.

Recognized industry experts are utilized to provide reinsurance, actuarial and audit services.  TNRMT maintains recognition as a financially sound, professionally managed organization.

TNRMT has a long-standing tradition of providing the best possible services and coverages to its membership at a stable and affordable cost.

TNRMT develops base rates based on combined experience of all members.   The rates of individual members are developed using each member's own loss history, developed from loss information for the past three to five years.

TNRMT has knowledgeable loss control consultants in each grand division of the state providing annual surveys, on-site and regional training, and recommendations to enhance member's risk management efforts.

TNRMT provides legal assistance and consultation to members to reduce the possibility of lawsuits and/or claims.

TNRMT provides competent claims staff and experienced panel attorneys, knowledgeable of Tennessee Tort Liability concepts and the specific types of claims normally made against school and governmental entities.