Member Services

Strong since 1987. The Tennessee Risk Management Trust has been successfully operating since 1987. It is governed by a nine-member board of trustees elected by the membership.

Membership. The Trust began with 13 school boards and has grown to 102 school boards and 98 governmental entities.

Property and Casualty. Our program was designed to cover all property/casualty exposures of public entities in Tennessee in one package.

Student Accident. We are pleased that student accident is part of our package so that all students are covered and your teachers are not collecting premiums from students.

In-house Claims Handling. We handle our own claims with a staff committed to efficiency, fairness, and courtesy.

Loss Control. Our loss control program is uniquely designed for Tennessee public entities. We believe that it is the best loss control program in the United States.

Property Appraisals. We are pleased to announce that free property appraisals are being done over a three-year period as a benefit from membership in the trust. This appraisal process assists schools in meeting the new GASB 34 requirements.

Non-Educational Entities. The trust currently covers 98 governmental entities other than schools.

Exceptional Value. Our Trust provides the best risk management service for school boards and non-school members in Tennessee. Our trustees are committed to providing the best coverage at a competitive price so that members can spend more of their resources fulfilling their primary goals and public obligations.