Claims Reporting - Workers' Compensation

All Workers’ Compensation claims should be reported as promptly as possible.  This is because Tennessee State Law requires that benefits to the injured worker must begin within 20 days from the time the employer is notified of injury. Delays in reporting can result in fines of up to 20% of the benefits due. We ask that all claims be reported electronically. When reporting, please record only the information given you by the injured worker. The adjuster will contact you to gather additional information.


The Workers’ Compensation Act allows the employer to pre-designate at least three physicians not associated together in practice to treat the employee. You should already have a list of medical facilities in your community, but if you need assistance with the selection process, contact the TNRMT Workers’ Compensation Department at 1-888-743-4336. If the injured worker feels medical treatment is necessary, you must give the worker a copy of form C42 which lists the designated physicians.  You must then have the worker sign the form (except in cases of emergency) and forward a copy of the signed form to TNRMT. If you have complied with the requirements of the Act, the injured employee is obligated to accept medical care from the list of approved facilities. If they do not, it is possible that the charges will not be paid under Workers’ Compensation.


If the injured worker is required to miss more than seven days, income benefits will be paid at the rate of 66 2/3% of the average wage. The TNRMT adjuster will advise you of the information needed to process a claim for income benefits. Income benefits are usually paid every two weeks.


Even though our adjuster will contact the injured employee on a frequent basis to ascertain medical progress, etc., we have found it extremely beneficial for a representative of the employer to maintain periodic contact with the employee as well.

The adjuster will also contact you periodically to provide status reports, but we ask you to call TNRMT if you become concerned about the status of the claim. Only with your assistance can we contain the ever-increasing cost of Workers’ Compensation claims.