Claims Reporting

You can help us help you by promptly reporting all potential claims as quickly as possible. If you are in doubt about an incident becoming a claim, please report it to the Risk Management Trust and let the adjuster make the decision. We ask that all claims be reported electronically.

Advantages of electronic reporting include:

  1. It is the quickest, most efficient means to notify TNRMT of a potential claim.
  2. Our online reporting process eliminates the possibility of claim forms sent via regular mail from being misdirected, delayed or lost.
  3. The online reporting process eliminates time lost by the claim representative searching incoming mail for a claim notice when trying to respond to an inquiry. Many times, a claimant or medical provider contacts TNRMT before a claim is received only to be advised that we have no record of the claim.
  4. Because claims are received more promptly when utilizing the online reporting process, the claim representative can make quicker contact with the claimant, eliminating the possibility of the claimant feeling that no one is concerned about them.  Online reporting also allows our adjusters to quickly gain control of the claim. Insurance industry studies have demonstrated that reducing reporting time greatly reduces the cost of claims.
  5. The online reporting process is very user friendly.  It prompts the individual preparing the loss notice to provide all required information in a clear and concise manner, saving time for the person preparing the report.  The online reporting process also assures the claim representative has all information required to begin investigating the claim.

There are many advantages for you as well as TNRMT to utilize electronic reporting so please visit us online at and select the type of claim you wish to report.  After completing online claim report, select "Preview" to review the information, then click "Confirm" once you are satisfied with the accuracy of the information.  After you click "Confirm", the claim is sent to the TNRMT staff.  Be sure to print a copy for your records.